Welcome to Brisbane Unplugged Gigs


Welcome to Brisbane Unplugged Gigs!

Door charge $10
Every Tuesday at New Farm Bowls Club 969 Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park

7.15 pm - Blackboard (3x10minute spots)
8.00 - 8.45 pm - First Act
9.00 - 9.45 pm - Second Act
So bring your instruments and your voices! The blackboard segment will be first in first served. There is a full bar and food is available at reasonable prices.
Click on the email address to contact the performer, click on their URL to go to their website.
Name: Mash
Brief Blurb: MASH aka Dave Parnell : “Back2Front” Master percussionist, master sound engineer, master navigator, drummer with ‘Rough Red’ and the ’twentysevens’ is a classic overachiever as far as drummers go and you’d think he’d be happy with that but no, that’s not enough for Mash. No longer for him the dark, haunted corridors of the back row staring at his band mates backsides. He actually wants to be seen and heard and to bathe in the adoring glow of the assembled multitudes... But is the front row ready for this incursion by one of ‘them’? Are his strange little drummer fingers ready for the complexities of the guitar and the rigours of ‘guitar face’. Well as fate would have it the little bastard pulls it off with his usual aplomb as if he’s been there all his life (heaven forbid) perhaps even a little too easily as far as those of us who have struggled for a life time to write songs are concerned. I’ve always said that if the world ends tomorrow I’m going straight to Mashy’s place, he’d know what to do. Come and see for yourself as he presents his debut CD ‘Back2Front’ joined by his long time bass playing mate John Barr and perhaps one or two special guest. After all drummers need all the help they can get. Don’t They? John Fegan (Rough Red)
Email: davideparnell@gmail.com

Bug Info

For those of you who don't know it the New Farm Bowls Club is on Brunswick St opposite New Farm Park. It has a great atmosphere, food, good parking, public transport, and a bar and a kitchen, open till 8.30pm. Click HERE to see what's coming up in the next few weeks.
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